{Review} The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

FNL Character Rating: The guy that kept trying to rape Tyra.
This is harsh, I know, especially in comparison to the many rave reviews I’ve read.
However, I cannot abide by the effed up sex stuff & the attitude of Rhys Traehaern, the Iron Duke from the title. In my eyes, he is the prototypical abusive male. I guess some people might see Traehaern simply as an alpha male and find that attractive. I find him possessive, controlling & abusive, yet somehow making the object of his interest, Wilhemina “Mina” Wentworth, believe that’s what she wants.

This is generally how an abuser keeps control over the abused.

I would give this one a couple stars solely for the inventiveness of the world that Meljean Brook creates, which is the reason I finished reading the book & will read the second (which I’m told does not contain the effed upness of this one in any way.) I’m generally not into “What if this had happened instead” type books (I like books that speculate on what could be in the future, but generally not those that reinvent the past), but I did find this world engaging.

Moving on from this disturbance now.

Editor’s note: I struggled through this book (and didn’t finish) based on rave reviews from folks whose opinions I really respect. However, I had the same reaction as Laura. It is mind-boggling to me that the WTFery of this novel comes from the same mind that created this fun and smart second installment of the Iron Seas series, Heart of Steel. 
Verdict: Avoid

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