Comments Policy

Clear Eyes, Full Shelves encourages respectful discussion in our comments section. However, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

General Guidelines 

  • Commenting is a privilege, not a right. 
  • While we encourage discussion and so appreciate your thoughts, we reserve the right to remove comments of people who abuse this privilege.
  • Be polite, even and especially if you disagree—we strive to maintain a respectful, non-threatening atmosphere on this site where all people of a variety of ages feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.
  • Relevant links in the comments leading to additional discussion are encouraged; however, do not leave a comment simply to link back to your website--such comments will be removed.
  • Friday Night Lights references are strongly encouraged. 

Email Addresses

  • We require a valid email address (“valid” includes not one using an anonymizer) for all comments. 
  • While we will not publish or share your email address, we may contact you via email if a response to your comment is better addressed privately.
  • If you leave your comment using a fake email address, your comment will be removed. 

Language, Behavior & Respectfulness

  • Name calling, bigotry and personal attacks are not allowed. Commenters who engage in this behavior will have their comments removed and their IP address banned without warning.
  • Comments should be on-topic and not spam-like. Commenters who leave spam on CEFS will have their comments removed and may be banned. 
  • Comments including links to copyright infringing material (ie, pirated downloads of books) will be removed and the commenter may be banned.
  • Sock puppet” comments will be removed. 

This policy will be updated and revised as needed. Please contact Sarah if you have any questions about the CEFS comments policy.

Updated: 7/11/2012