Q: So you guys are, like, really into Friday Night Lights, huh?

A: Yes! We love FNL. Sometimes people think it's strange that book lovers are also television fans, but we think that good storytelling is good storytelling, regardless of the medium. FNL isn't about football. It's about people in a small town trying to figure out who they are, what they want and what it all means. It's hard not to connect with Coach, Tami, Tim, Jason, Tyra, Julie, Matt, Vince, Becki and, yes, even Lyla. Lisa Schroeder wrote a wonderful post on her blog about what Friday Night Lights means to her, and you should really go read it. It really encapsulates the specialness of that show and how it's really universally relatable. 

FNL is also the reason why CEFS is about more than just books. Like we said, good stories and good stories, and we love them all.

Q: Uh... I don't get it. What's an "FNL Character Rating"?

A: Laura came up with the FNL Character rating when she first joined Goodreads. It's a very thorough rating of a book based on it's correlation to a Friday Night Lights character.

Oftentimes, we'll correlate a character's story-arc to an FNL character's story-arc. However, sometimes that's not the case. For example, Sarah Ockler's excellent young adult novel, Bittersweet, received the only "Eric & Tami Taylor" FNL Character Rating thus far. However, the book is about a teenage girl, not a married couple. However, Eric and Tami are the the pinnacle of awesomeness, as is Bittersweet. We do not give all books an FNL Character Rating, because sometimes it's simply not appropriate. However, this is the only ratings system we use. 

We are currently working on an FNL Character Rating Guide to better educate those of you who have not yet watched the Greatest Television Show of All Time. In the meantime, FNL is streaming on both Netflix and Amazon.

Q: So Clear Eyes, Full Shelves is another YA blog, right?

A:  Nope! We review books from all categories, including young adult. Sandra often reviews middle grade and both Sarah and Rebeca aka Renegade review adult fiction. 

We love YA fiction and are thrilled to see it becoming more "normal" as an option for non-teen readers. But, we're not just a YA blog. Hell, we don't even just write about books. We also write about television movies, events and culture, pop or otherwise.

Q: Will you review my book?

A: Maybe. Please check out our review policies before submitting any book for review. 

Q: Can I advertise on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves?

A: Perhaps! Send Sarah an email to discuss your idea and if it would be a good fit for our site! We would also consider a podcast sponsor, if it was an appropriate fit.

Q: Can I submit a guest post?

A: Probably! Drop us an email with your idea and we'll talk about it. (Please note, we do not accept purely promotional guest posts.) If you're an author looking to promote your book via a guest post, we suggest the you pitch us a creative idea that will fit with our content. If you're a Friday Nigh Lights fan, you may want to think about something along the lines of Rebeca's lovely post on the topic. We also encourage you to read through our "I Love..." series for ideas as well. Another good idea is a curated list as part of our List-O-Rama series. There are lots of ideas that could fit with our existing content!

Q: Can I be a guest on your podcast? 

A: Maybe... If you have a topic you'd like to discuss with us, send us an email with your idea. The podcast is pretty labor-intensive, so please understand that it's nothing personal if we can't accomodate you. 

Q: Are you hosting Novel-in-Verse Week again? Can I get involved?

A: Yes and yes! Please email us to chat about how you can get involved in Novel-in-Verse Week! We'd love to make it bigger and better in the future! Exclamation points!

Q: What should I read next?

A: We're so glad you asked! You can check out some of our "List-O-Rama" posts for some roundups of suggestions or view our tags page and poke around at the topics that pique your interest. 

Q: Who's Tim Riggins?


Texas Forever

Texas Forever

Q: So, Sarah's obsessed with Kyle Chandler, right?

A: What made you think that? Ahem... moving right along.

Q: And Connie Britton's hair?

A: It is glorious, am I right?

Q: What would Tami Taylor read?

A: That's what we're trying to figure out.