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Hannah, Actual Teen

Hannah Renton is a 17-year old aspiring writer from London, England. Her love of stories and books originated from her father reading her the Harry Potter books—complete with funny voices for all the characters—when she was about six because she was too little to be able to read them by herself. From then on, she has been reading everything she can get her hands on. Her life’s goal is to write one novel from every genre, and so far she has completed exactly zero, (though she has plenty of ideas). She blames her lack of progress on school work, but in reality it is probably because she has fierce addictions to far too many television shows and spends too much time on Tumblr. 

Twitter: @Han_Renton | Tumblr: The Problem with Hannah


Josh is Sarah's husband who wrote his M.A. thesis on George Pelecano's D.C. quartet, which is a series of crime novels about the history of the "real" D.C. He totally cried ugly tears while watching the Friday Night Lights finale.

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Anushree Nande has Creative Writing Bachelors and Masters from Edge Hill University. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, she is an eternally optimistic and fiercely loyal Gooner Girl. She freelances for various magazines, blogs, literary websites on books, writing, football, film, TV and has had short stories and poems published. She is also a freelance editor and proofreader. Anushree is working on her first novel and her Facebook writing page can be found here.

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When not watching the San Antonio Spurs, Arrested Development, or Korean dramas, Maggie is reading. Her favorite genre is YA, especially Aussie YA. She also enjoys contemporary fiction, classics, pretty cookbooks that she’ll never use, biographies (but not autobiographies), and pretty much anything on France. You can read her YA reviews at Young Adult Anonymous.

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Noelle is an avid reader who regularly maxes out her hold list at the library. She primarily reads young adult (all genres), contemporary fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and urban fantasy novels. You can find her YA reviews at Young Adult Anonymous

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