{Announcement} Update to Email Subscriptions

I hate writing blog posts to make announcements about technology.

But I know a bunch of you subscribe to Clear Eyes, Full Shelves via email. And, I know that the setup I was using is visually pretty crummy. And, y’all couldn’t see who each post was written by (so annoying!).

So, I set up a new system for email subscriptions that looks super pretty, like this

If you already subscribe via email, everything should translate over. However, you may get duplicate emails for a day or so, as the system clears itself out. If there are any problems, please send me an email and let me know and I can manually reset your account. 

If by any chance you’d like to get posts emailed to you, you can sign up using the form below or by following this link. 

And now we return to our regularly-scheduled programming. :)

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