Book Matchmaker: Laura Wants Her Husband to Read More

He wants more books in which werewolves fight vampires. 


Anyway, Laura forced encouraged her husband to sign up for our hand-crafted book matchmaking service, since he has very, very specific tastes. Let’s take a look at his responses to our extremely scientific survey. 

YA or Adult: Surprise Me

Genres: Contemporary, Historical, Dystopia, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal 

POV & Narrative Style: Third Person, Multiple POV, Present Tense, Past Tense, Male POV, Main Character or Narrator, Female POV, Main Character or Narrator, Unreliable Narrator

Swoon Factor: 2

Gross Out Factor: 4

Smut Factor:  2

Fluff Factor: 3

Favorite Books: Nightwatch, The Name of the Wind, good vs. evil, post-apocalyptic, vampires vs. werewolves (not by themselves)

Hated Tropes:  No smutty romance novels

The results… 

Cal Leandros Series, Rob Thurman

This is a recommendation from our Twitter friend, Sabrina. She says that you have to wait until the second book to get to the werewolves vs. vampires story, but says it’s one of her favorite series and has a complicated and unique world with all sorts of strange creatures who, um, fight one another a lot.

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The Strain Series, Guillermo del Torro & Chuck Hogan

Sandra highly recommends this series as creepy and suspenseful and (to use her term) “monsterous.” Anyway… it’s about a vampiric virus and while there aren’t any werewolves, there is loads of good vs. evil. 

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Unwind, Neal Shusterman

Unwind is an awesome dystopian (YA, but very, very mature) that is, frankly, a pretty disturbing read. It also has a road trip storyline for quite a bit of the book, which automatically ups the awesome quotient. 

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The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi

This book takes place in a messed up, futuristic world that is absolutely brilliantly crafted. (There are several other works of Bacigalupi’s that are set in the same world.) It’s extremely complex, but if you just go with it, it’s a pretty outstanding read. 

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Mercy Thompson Series, Patricia Briggs

The werewolves fight some really nasty vampires a couple of books into this fabulous urban fantasy series. This is one of the few smut-free urban fantasy series that I can think of off the top of my head (though there is a relationship story, but it’s not “intense”). If you want to get a taste of the series, start with the graphic novel prequel, Homecoming.

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Married with Zombies, Jesse Peterson

Omigod. This series is hil-freaking-larious. Trust me. (I mean, the tagline is, “The couple that slays together, stays together.”)

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Y’all, this was the hardest Book Matchmaker yet.
Do you have any suggestions for someone who wants lots of good versus evil-type stories and some good science fiction?

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