{Bookish Find} "May the odds..." Hunger Games Bracelet

I don’t know about you, but I kinda, sorta freaked the hell out last week when I realized that The Hunger Games movie comes out in less than a month.

I am so ready to pick apart every little minutiae and compare it to the novel—I’m already completely in a tizzy about the latest trailer which reveals in essentially the first frame that they changed who gave who the Mockingjay pin!

What’s next? Changing the scene with the bread from District 11? Arg! The stress of it all is unbearable!

Anyway, in between watching the trailer frame-by-frame, I spent a bit of time with Google virtually window shopping for Hunger Games swag. There is so much awesome unofficial Hunger Games stuff out there. (The official stuff has been pretty “meh” for me, to be honest.) One of my favorites I’ve come across is this “May the odds ever be in your favor.” bracelet, handmade by Etsy seller ChrisClosetCreations. There are lots of more elaborate handmade Hunger Games items out there, but I love the simplicity in this silver ID-style bracelet that would be a totally badass gift for that special Hunger Games fan in your life—or, you know, if you wanted to treat yo’self.

(The same seller has some other fun Hunger Games and YA book-related goodies, including an large assortment of “Team Finnick” items.)

Have you seen any fabulous Hunger Games swag we shouldn’t miss?

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