Podcast #16 - Amy Spalding on Fictional Families, Writing & Her New Book

Podcast #16 - Amy Spalding on Fictional Families, Writing & Her New Book

This is the second time we've had author Amy Spalding on as a podcast guest--she's so much fun to talk to and has a lot of wonderful insight into writing for teens. Two books in and she's already known for writing nuanced, realistic families, so we thought we'd make that the focus of our conversation in this episode of the podcast. 

Be sure to stay with the podcast until the end for some astute advice for writers from Amy. 

Amy is the author of The Reece Malcolm List (Entangled Teen 2013) and the forthcoming Ink is Thicker Than Water (Entangled Teen 2013). She also recently announced that her third novel, Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys), a romantic comedy (YAY!) for teens, will be published in 2015 by Poppy/Little Brown. In addition to writing, Amy is a Digital Media Planner for an independent film advertising company and performs longform improve around Los Angeles, where she lives. 

Learn more about Amy by visiting her website or stalking her on Twitter like we do. 

Apologies for the dog barking in this episode. One of my dogs is 100 percent obsessed with Laura, so when Laura is at my house (as she is when we record the podcast), she tries to inject herself into all of our activities. But with a face like this, who can tell her no?

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