Fun + Games: Sunshine Blogger Award

Fun + Games: Sunshine Blogger Award

The marvelous ladies at The Book Wars tagged me in this Sunshine Blogger award thing and I really don't know what it is, but I love The Book Wars, so I'll play!

1. To be eligible for this award you must like pineapple. Do you like pineapple? No? How about oranges? Grapes?

Duh. Pineapple is awesome. People who don't like pineapple are untrustworthy. Pro tip: Put your pineapple on the grill and brush it with honey. It is amazing. Also, if you are one to partake in Jamba Juice on occasion (as one does), ask for a Razzmatazz, no banana (because banana is the devil's fruit, obvs), add pineapple. You'll never go back to standard Jambas. 

2. If your life was a book, who would it be written by? Why?

This is too easy--Liza Palmer would write the novelized adaptation of my life, obviously. Because they are smart and neurotic and occasionally funny. And I am all those things. I think.

And also there would be a cover with pink shoes maybe, which is always a plus. 

3. Team Werewolf or Team Superhero? Why?

So, basically you're asking me to choose between this:

and this: 

So, obviously superhero. 

4. What’s your idea of a perfect novel?

A character-driven story with a bit of humor, a bit of angst and a satisfying romance of some sort. Or just a ludicrous fake relationship story. I could go either way, to be honest.

5. What’s your favourite song written in a language other than your first language?

Brown Suéter by A Filial, a Brazilian hip hop group. 

I speak only one word of Portuguese (obrigado!), but I love Portuguese and Brazilian hip hop is super beautiful because Portuguese is a stunning language and this song is delightful. (If you speak any of the romance languages, you can probably figure out the meaning). 

I also love Mo Ghile Mear, an old Irish song in the Irish language (which I speak a tiny bit of, thanks to a class I took at UCC over 20 years ago):

Here's another version that's quite lovely, despite that I find Sting icky (the Chieftans are A+, though):

6. When you were a child, what did you imagine you would be or do when you grew up?

Astronaut. Thanks to the movie Space Camp. 

Then, in high school, I thought I'd be a lawyer. Except my freshman year of college, I worked in the law library and realized that I couldn't stand law students (I have no beef with lawyers, though, just law students) and hated how they were always crying in the library, so that was a bust. Later, I thought I'd be a professor (I got an MA and planned on getting a PhD), but that didn't really pan out, though I do teach at the college level now (it's not my main job, though). 

7. Do you like walking barefoot?

Yes, as long as there's not glass like there was in my kitchen last week.

8. If a character could live in your head and narrate your life, who would it be?

Coach Eric Taylor, because that would be super inspiring and I'd be motivated all the time. Obviously.

9. Think of all your OTPs. You must now choose one to break apart tragically. Which one would it be and why?

Nope. I'd find a loophole. 

10. If you could read only a single book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

This kind of sounds like hell. 

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