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I've Been Listening... Quick Thoughts on 7 Audiobooks

I've been enjoying the hell out of my Audible subscription (seriously, it's so great) and have been using it, and Multnomah Country Library's rad digital downloads system, to check out books that I've heard mixed things about seem polarizing in some way. It's a fun way to explore books I'd maybe otherwise pass up. 

It's hard for me to write lengthy reviews of audiobooks because I don't retain details quite as well when I'm listening. But I thought I'd share some brief reflections on some books I listened to recently. 

Recommended Reads On Sale

Hey y'all! I've been buried in work lately, hence no link roundups, but there are some awesome books I recommend on sale at the moment that I have to call your attention to.

Hope you find a good read or two for your long holiday weekend (in the U.S.).