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A Twisted, Gripping, Disturbing Thriller: Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

Our lives are made up of choices. Big ones, small ones, strung together by the thin air of good intentions; a line of dominos, ready to fall.

I don't think a book has left me feeling so intensely uneasy as Abigail Haas' newest, Dangerous Boys, did. 

Like in Dangerous Girls, Haas takes readers on a time-shifting journey, shifting between the present and the events leading up to a tragedy. In this case, three teenagers--narrator Chloe, her boyfriend Ethan and his brother Oliver--enter an empty home but only two emerge from that house as it burns to the ground. 

The reader is left wondering which brother survived the fire? Whose at fault? Was it self-defense? An accident? Or something more insidious? 

Podcast #21 - On Love, Both Instant and Triangular

In this episode of the Clear Eyes, Full Shelves podcast, we dig into two sticky subjects: "Instalove" and love triangles. Our thoughts on these two phenomena are... complicated. (Shocking, I know!)

What are your thoughts on these two things? Are there instances where you're okay with love at first site and a complicated romantic entanglements? Or are you in the never, ever camp? We'd love to know, so after you listen to the podcast, drop us a note in the comments!

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I have recently embraced the DNF (did not finish). I used to slog through books I hated simply because I, in some weird way, felt like I owed it to the book to finish it. 

I now realize this is a ridiculous perspective. 

If a book’s not working for me, despite that everyone else seemingly loves it, I drop it. These books go into one of two piles:

  1. DNF; or
  2. On hiatus.

 On hiatus books are those I plan on revisiting—maybe I’m not in the mood for the genre, but I suspect I’ll enjoy it later. Or, perhaps it’s really long, but I care about what happens, but need to take a break from spending so much time within the space of that book. DNF’s are those I drop like a hot potato.