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What I'm Watching: Fall 2014

Am I the only person who's pretty disappointed with the new television this year? Aside from a couple notable exceptions, I haven't been excited about much of the new stuff on the tube. (Ugh, I just realized that loads of people these days probably don't even know why it's called "the tube.")

Now that we're fully into the fall television season, I thought I'd continue my tradition of sharing what I'm watching--and a few I'm not. 

What I'm Watching: Television Edition

Since cutting our cable, well satellite, cord back in the spring, the only thing I’ve missed is the DVR. I’ve pretty much found enough on Hulu Plus/Netflix/Amazon Instant Video to keep my eyeballs glued to the television to my little heart’s content. It’s remarkable how few shows I’ve been watching on the regular for any length of time (Justified and Mad Men are about it at this point). 

Orange is the New Black - Netflix

I could have sworn I wrote about OINTB previously, but I couldn’t find the post. I absolutely loved this smart, funny, unique dramedy featuring an awesome ensemble cast of nearly all women. So spectacularly good.

Links + Things: Gendered Books, Hulk vs Grizzly, More Tiger Eyes News, Recommended Sale Books + More

Happy Friday, all! This week's Links + Things is a bit on the light side as I burned up a lot of my best stuff last week.

This Week's Video of Awesome

I asked my husband if he'd seen any fantastic YouTube videos lately and, naturally, he sent me this clip of the Incredible Hulk fighting a grizzly bear. ​It's quite excellent, no?

Required Reading

There’s room for all kind of heroes and heroines and some of our greatest stories happen to be love stories too. Love, friendship, sexual attraction— all essential parts of life. It’s only when girls or women become the audience that we start to turn our noses up at something that we all care about.

I loved author Leigh Bardugo's response to a reader who's frustrated that YA books aren't "geared towards guys," as she hits the nail on the head with regard to something that always bothers me: the dismissal of stories involving romance and love. Sarah Rees Brennan added some additional thoughts that are spot-on as well.

List-O-Rama: 4 New Fall Television Shows That Might Not Suck

You may have noticed that we kind of love television around here. And, no, there’s nothing incongruous in liking both books and television—I swear. Stories are awesome in any medium.

I was perusing my beloved Entertainment Weekly on Friday (yay! my mailman didn’t “borrow it” this week) and while most everything looks atrocious (I’m looking at you New Matthew Perry “Comedy”), a few of the shows piqued my interest.

image via EW via ABC

Nashville - ABC, Wednesday at 10:00p.m.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really even understand what this show was about before I added it to this list, but it’s starring Tami Taylor, so I’ll watch it regardless. But, it’s gotten really good buzz and sounds like it’ll be a pretty interesting show. Whatshername from Heroes plays an evil Taylor Swift-type, so what could go wrong?