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Podcast #17: Battleship & The Art of "Terribletastic"

We thought we'd finish off the first year of our (award-nominated... omigod!) podcast with a fun discussion of one of our beloved, and often maligned, movies, Battleship. Now don't run screaming for the hills, this podcast isn't just about Battleship--it's about things that are on the surface "terrible," but are actually fantastic.

Terribletastic, if you will.

Other highlights include an exclusive, only on CEFS, discussion of the proper way to assemble a Slurpee/ICEE at the movies, a debate on whether or not Justin Timberlake can carry an action flick and why Prometheus is possibly the worst movie in history. 

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Links & Things: Friday the 13th Edition

I haven't posted a slew of interesting links in awhile, but I've been saving up a bunch to share with y'all. 

Onward ho!

Video of Awesome

There's a special place in movie hell for Prometheus, quite possibly the worst "film" I've ever seen. Awhile back, Laura sent me this fabulous video about everything that's wrong with that movie. Enjoy. 

Required Reading

“ She could have created an original character, but she chose the dead sister of one of history’s most famous murdered children as her subject, and there is something horrifically exploitative about that. Margot’s story in Cantor’s novel is unspecific enough that it could have been about any survivor, but the usage of the Frank name rings of gimmickry. ”
— Jason Diamond, Flavorwire

When I saw Jillian Cantor's Margot up on Netgalley, it certainly gave me pause. As a human being, there's something that just doesn't sit right with me about this premise (and apparently, there are other titles of this ilk). Jason Diamond of Flavorwire wrote a succinct discussion of why this needs to stop

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