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Les Miserables, "Snark Cap" Edition

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I went to see the recent film adaptation of Les Miserables and came away less than impressed.

Apparently, we’re the only ones who feel that way because everyone else on twitter won’t stop talking about how the movie made them feel ALL THE FEELZ.

To top it all off, not only did it win three Golden Globes, it’s also inexplicably been nominated for eight Academy Awards. Has a non-silent movie with no spoken dialogue ever been nominated for that many before????

To alleviate how very miserable (hardy-har-har) the unwarranted hype of Les Miserables has made me, I have generously put together a snark-filled recap for anyone who has not yet seen the movie.

To ratchet up the amusement factor, I strongly suggest reading the provided “dialogue” with a sing-song voice.

Opening Chorus

The fact that this story takes place in France has no relevance! 
We all know this is a movie filmed during the 21st century financed by a British production companyyyyyyyyy! 

So we will all wear our British and Aussie accents proudly and not bother trying to sound like Frenchiiiiiiiiies!